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Comite Asesor Cientifico Tecnico (CACT)
Scientific and Technical Advisory committee

F2F Meeting: Yebes Observatory, October 21 2013.

  1. Agenda
    • 15:30 Welcome. Presentation of the CACT members. Terms of Reference. Election of the Chair and Vicechair of CACT. (CLOSED)
    • 15:50 Present geodetic VLBI activities at IGN, by Francisco Colomer.
    • 16:00 The VLBI Geodetic Observing System (VGOS), by Hayo Hase
    • 16:30 RAEGE project introduction, status in Yebes and VLBI2010 radio telescope, by Jose Antonio Lopez-Fernandez.
    • 16:45 RAEGE project status in Azores, by Luis R. Santos.
    • 16.55 The RAEGE tri-band receiver and related developments, by Jose Antonio Lopez Perez.
    • 17:10 Coffee-break
    • 17:30 Remote control and data acquisition in RAEGE, by Pablo de Vicente.
    • 17:45 Monitoring RFI at RAEGE sites, by Jose Antonio Lopez-Perez.
    • 18:00 Co-location and local ties in Yebes, by Alvaro Santamaria/Javier Lopez-Ramasco.
    • 18:15 Studies on Satellite Laser Ranging for Yebes, by Beatriz Vaquero.
    • 18:30 Discussion (CLOSED)

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  2. Minutes