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Jamie McCallum
Type of contribution: oral

Toward VGOS with the AuScope array

Jamie McCallum, University of Tasmania Jim Lovell, University of Tasmania Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi, University of Tasmania Lucia Plank, University of Tasmania Stanislav Shabala, University of Tasmania

The AuScope array consists of three fast-slewing 12m telescopes located across the Australian continent, currently equipped with uncooled S/X feeds. In mid-2015, a prototype broadband feed will be tested on the Hobart telescope with a view to installation on all three telescopes of the AuScope array in 2016 to make them fully compatible with the VGOS requirements. In preparation, we are developing calibration techniques, support for high data-rate recordings and the logistical challenges they provide, and expanding our correlation and analysis facilities. I will be presenting a short review of our efforts and the results to date.