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Younghee Kwak
Type of contribution: oral

VLBI-like GNSS delays in the analysis of CONT11

Younghee Kwak, Vienna University of Technology Johannes Boehm, Vienna University of Technology Thomas Hobiger, Chalmers University of Technology Lucia Plank, University of Tasmania

During CONT11, VLBI and GNSS antennas were connected to the identical clocks at seven sites, which means that clock parameters can be also regarded as common parameters at those sites besides troposphere parameters. We build VLBI-like GNSS delays between the ranges from two stations to a satellite by using post-processed range measurements from a precise point positioning (PPP) GPS solution with the c5++ software and analyze those delays together with VLBI observations with the Vienna VLBI Software (VieVS). We estimate station coordinates, Earth orientation parameters and common parameters at the sites, i.e. zenith wet delays and clocks. We compare the combined solutions with single technique solutions and discuss the impact of the combination at the observation level with respect to those parameters.