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Alexander Neidhardt
Type of contribution: oral

Results from the test realization of a system monitoring for seamless auxiliary data

Alexander Neidhardt, FESG; Jim Lovell, UTAS; Katharina Kirschbauer, THD; Ed Himwich, NASA/NVI; Jamie McCallum, UTAS; Christian Pl"{o}tz, BKG; Jonathan Quick, HartRAO; Matthias Sch"{o}nberger, BKG

During the analysis workshop following the 2014 IVS General Meeting in Shanghai, a new IVS Taskforce was formed to address the issue of seamless auxiliary data. The project has now progressed to the stage where a formal proposal has been prepared and first test realizattions have been implemented at Wettzell. Underlying this development are definitions of the Monitoring and Control Infrastructure (MCI) in combination with the Wettzell System Monitoring (SysMon) hardware and software. We will present the design of this system and the first realisations, and an initial demonstration of the results.