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Alexander Neidhardt
Type of contribution: poster

The German Antarctic Receiving Station O''Higgins - upgrades of the VLBI-capabilities for future challenges

Christian Pl"{o}tz, BKG; Alexander Neidhardt, FESG; Thomas Kl"{u}gel, BKG; Torben Sch"{u}ler, BKG; colleagues from the DLR

The German Antarctic Receiving Station (GARS) O’Higgins started in the early 1990th with regular VLBI operations. Because of its remote position on the Antarctic Peninsula, the VLBI observation was mostly restricted to the Antarctic summer month. New equipment, a continuous operation by the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and new realizations of observation schedules may open the door for regular observations over the whole year. The poster shows the upgrades carried out in hard- and software and discusses ideas to realize more regular observations in a planned test phase.