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Pablo de Vicente
Type of contribution: oral

The 13m Yebes antenna. Telescope control, commisioning and tests

P. de Vicente R. Bolaņo L. Barbas A. Moreno A. Diaz

The Yebes 13m antenna is the first element of the RAEGE network. During 2014 the control system has been debugged and the antenna has been characterized at S, X and Ka band. We will explain how the FS communicates with the antenna control system developed at our obervatory and present the main results obtained from single dish observations like beam pattern, efficiency, pointing RMS, calibration determination and focus. A description of the threeband receiver will also be provided. We will also show the RFI of the spectrum covered by the current receiver. We will present the first fringes detected in December 2014 between the Yebes 40m and the Yebes 13m antenna at X band, both using DBBCs and Mark5Bs. During the first months of 2015 the 13m is scheduled in tag along mode and we hope to present also the first results from these observations.