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Axel Nothnagel
Type of contribution: oral

Sophistication in UT1-Intensive Scheduling by Using Impact Factors First Results of Field Tests

Axel Nothnagel, IGG University of Bonn Judith Leek, IGG University of Bonn Thomas Artz, IGG University of Bonn

Scheduling of geodetic VLBI observations can be done with different optimization targets. At IGG, we have developed a method using impact factors. It sequentially selects those observations which achieve the biggest influence at that instance on the parameters to be estimated. Test computations have shown that using the impact on all parameters is superior to looking only at the target parameter UT1-UTC. A good test bed for validating the approach are UT1 Intensive sessions with their limited number of observations where the failure of a single high-leverage observation may have a large adverse effect on the UT1 result. Starting in late 2014 a number of INT2 sessions between Tsukuba and Wettzell were observed with these schedules. We present the results of these sessions and discuss their characteristics.