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Francisco Colomer
Type of contribution: poster

Local Tie works in Yebes Observatory

Beatriz Cordoba (IGN-Yebes), Javier Lopez-Ramasco (IGN-Yebes). Susana Garcia-Espada (IGN-RAEGE St Maria)

An important requirement to convert the RAEGE station in Yebes (Spain) into a Fundamental Geodetic Station is to accurately relate the different geodetic techniques, what is known as the Local Tie. We have investigated the possibility to measure the invariant reference point (IRP) of the 13-m radio telescope. In our case, there is a big advantage since the measurements can be performed inside the telescope cabin with a robotic total station, located on a central pillar built inside the radio telescope tower. The methodology used is based in the adjustment from measurements points on the radio telescope frame of circles in 3D constrictions, taken with a robotic total station, installed on a tripod with an optical plummet placed on the marked centered screw of this central pillar. A network of 24 monuments (concrete pillars) has also been built in the area of Yebes Observatory in order to relate the measurements taken by our two VLBI radio telescopes (40-m and 13-m) and two GNSS antennas (IGS code ``YEBE', on the roof of the office building, and ``YEB1', on the roof of the gravimeter building).