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Jose Antonio Lopez Fernandez
Type of contribution: oral

Technological Developments for VGOS from IGN Yebes Observatory

Jose Antonio Lopez Fernandez;IGN Spain Felix Tercero Martínez; IGN Spain José Antonio López Pérez: IGN Spain José Manuel Serna Puente; IGN Spain Juan Daniel Gallego Puyol; IGN Spain

Several technological development activities at Yebes Observatory have been focused on different topics related to VGOS. Our low noise amplifiers can cover the S and X geodetic bands but also the 2-14 GHz band new ones (that yield average 7.5 K noise temperatures) for the broad band delay experiments.Our Tri-band receiver (S, X and Ka bands) is now installed at Yebes and Ishioka 13.2 radiotelescopes. We are also working in our first broad band receiver which will cover the mentioned 2-14 GHz band.