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Remi Rayet
Type of contribution: poster

QRFH Wideband Cryogenic Receivers

Remi RAYET, Callisto Steve RAWSON, Callisto Thomas BONHOURE, Callisto

Callisto has over 20 years experience producing cryogenic Low Noise Amplifiers for satellite ground stations. Callisto has produced more than 50 cryogenic receivers for worldwide renowned customers such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Indian Space Agency (ISRO), the French Space Agency (CNES), the BKG (Wettzell Observatory) and several other institutional or private operators. Callisto has two wideband cryogenic receivers optimized for VLBI applications and using the Caltech designed QRFH feed: the “Compact” QRFH cryogenic receiver and the “Ultra” QRFH cryogenic receiver. Both versions feature state-of-the-art cryogenic technologies with different aims: uninterrupted operation with no service required for the compact version, and simplified cryocooler service for the ultra version.