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Kazuhiro Takefuji
Type of contribution: oral

Broadband VLBI at 6GHz to 14GHz frequency between Kashima 34 m and Ishioka 13 m

Kazuhiro Takefuji, NICT Tetsuro Kondo, NICT Hideki Ujihara, NICT Mamoru Sekido, NICT

We have been developing a broad-band system for Kashima 34 meter antenna. Currently broadband feed for 6.5 GHz to 15 GHz and broadband receivers, high-speed samplers (K6/OCTAD-G and ADS3000+) were developed and installed. The feasible broad-band VLBI sessions with Kashima 34 m and new VGOS-type Ishioka 13 m were carried out from end of 2014 to January 2015. The backend was made up two digital and analog parts. One is direct sampling system covered with 6GHz, 7GHz, 8GHz and 9GHz. The another was analog frequency converter for 10GHz and 13GHz. Both systems were set up for both antennas. We carried out intensive sessions for 6 to 14GHz (6-bands, 2048Msps, 1bit). Fringes from every six frequencies could be simultaneously obtained after software correlation with GICO3. Then a coherent phase connection over six frequencies were performed. An error of delay resolution function by the super bandwidth synthesis is estimated 0.1 ps. We will report more detail in presentation.