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Vincenza Tornatore
Type of contribution: poster

Comparison of VLBI and DORIS solutions in view of ITRF2014

Vincenza Tornatore, Politecnico di Milano Emine Tan{i}r Kay{i}kc{c}{i}, Karadeniz Technical University

A new determination of the materialization of the International Terrestrial Reference System, ITRF2014, is upcoming. Several Analysis Centers, belonging to International Services of the four geodetic satellite/spacel techniques contributing to ITRF, performed a complete reprocessing of all data available till the end of 2014. In this framework, within this study we have focused our analysis on time series of coordinates and baselines related to VLBI and DORIS sites, with particular attention to co-located sites. We first investigated on different approaches available in literature for time series analysis. For example the automatic research of discontinuities, velocity changes, periodic functions and outliers of unknown reason, for epochs not associated with any events, e.g., events from the list of earthquakes or station information file. Noise characteristics of time series of both techniques have been inquired. The presence of temporal correlations and their impact on estimation of position and velocity precision has been checked. Finally to detect permanent station periodic behaviors, some methods for frequency analysis have also been studied considering for example that VLBI time series are not equally spaced in time. Discussion of results is presented, in order to better understand the origin of revealed signals.