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John Gipson
Type of contribution: poster

Implementation of VGOSDB format.

Sergei Bolotin, NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC Karen Baver, NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC John Gipson, NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC David Gordon, NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC Daniel MacMillan, NVI, Inc./NASA GSFC

The IVS Working Group 4 developed the new format to store and exchange data obtained from geodetic VLBI observations. The new data format, VgosDb, will replace existing Mk4 databases this year. At the GSFC NASA we work on software that will implement VgosDb format and will be used routinely to convert correlator output to the new data storage format. On this poster we present general characteristics of the software, its current status and our plans for future development.