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Gino Tuccari
Type of contribution: poster

Ultra Wide-Band HTS filter for new geodetic VLBI front-ends

Alina Caddemi, D.I.C.I.E.A.M.A. Dept., University of Messina, Italy Emanuele Cardillo, D.I.C.I.E.A.M.A. Dept., University of Messina, Italy Gino Tuccari, Italian National Astrophysical Institute Radio Astronomy Institute, Italy and Max Planck Institute fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany

Nowadays for geodetic VLBI a very large bandwidth extending from S-band to low Ku-band is exploited for several reasons. Among those, it provides options for selecting RF observation channels free of interference. This critical task must be accomplished by the feed system and a key component thereof is the bandpass filter placed ahead of the LNA since it must outperform according to the following issues: a) Extremely large bandpass from 2 to 14 GHz, b) In-band very low-losses, c) Capability of implementing high rejection sub-bands (notches) to eliminate interfering signals. In the scientific literature of the last decade, different approaches have been proposed for the design and realization of high performance ultra wide band (UWB) planar filters for telecommunication application in the unlicensed FCC 3.1-10.6 GHz radio communication range. In our case, the fractional band is even more demanding since it reaches the top value of 150% which is not commonly found in advanced electronics. We here present the design procedure for such UWB filter for modern geodetic VLBI based on flexible approach which allows for including an in-band notch at a given frequency.