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Dirk Behrend
Type of contribution: poster

Continuous VLBI Scheduling: The CONT14 Example

Dirk Behrend, NVI, Inc.

One of the main goals of the Continuous VLBI Campaign 2014 (CONT14) was to collect VLBI observations over a time period of 15 days without interruptions. In order to achieve this observational continuity some aspects of the standard, session-wise scheduling procedure had to be modified. These modifications mostly pertained to the day boundaries but also to the foreseen station check times of one or two hour lengths. The driving factor was the retention and continuation of the cable wrap across boundaries, which is not taken into account with session-wise schedule writing. Carrying forward the cable wrap information for each station had to be implemented into SKED and the script file controlling SKED, respectively. Further, as CONT14 was still organized as individual days, three-minute gaps were incorporated at the end of each observing day so that each station was able to change schedules before continuing with observing the subsequent day. In this presentation, we will elaborate on some of these continuous scheduling aspects.