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Johannes Böhm
Type of contribution: poster

Atmospheric tidal effects in Earth rotation observed by VLBI

Anastasiia Girdiuk, TU Wien Michael Schindelegger, TU Wien Matthias Madzak, TU Wien Johannes B"ohm, TU Wien

In this study, we assess the contribution of diurnal (S1) and semi-diurnal (S2) atmospheric tides to variations in Earth rotation by analyzing geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations. Particular emphasis is placed on the dependency of S1 and S2 estimates on varying settings in the a priori delay model. We use hourly Earth rotation parameters (ERP) of polar motion and UT1 as determined with the Vienna VLBI Software (VieVS) from 25 years of VLBI observations and we adjust diurnal and semi-diurnal amplitudes to the hourly ERP estimates after disregarding the effect of high-frequency ocean tides. Prograde and retrograde polar motion coefficients are obtained for several solutions differing in processing strategies (with/without thermal deformation, different analysis windows, selections of a priori ERP models and celestial pole offsets) and we compare the corresponding harmonics against those derived from atmospheric and non-tidal oceanic angular momentum estimates.