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Nataliya Zubko
Type of contribution: poster

Source structure influence on GeoVLBI observations

Nataliya Zubko, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi, University of Tasmania Lucia Plank, University of Tasmania

We present results on study of the source structure effect on the estimated GeoVLBI parameters. The extended source structures introduce an additional time delay component into the measured time delay and, thereby, it affects the estimated geodetic parameters. We study this impact for several defining radio sources, which were observed on a regular basis with GeoVLBI. Despite the fact that the defining sources are selected based on their stability, many of them have considerable extended structure. We select ten radio sources among the defining sources, which revealed noticeable variations in their extended structure over the time period 20002014. We analyze the GeoVLBI sessions when the selected radio sources were observed. We have investigated a capability to detect a source structure effect on the measured time delay for different baselines. Also we study EOP and evaluate source structure effect on the estimated parameters.