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Ke Xu
Type of contribution: poster

Status Report of VLBI Measuring System based on China Deep Space Network

Ke Xu, Gongyou Wu, Xiaojuan Ou, Dong Zhang, Jia Wang

As an effective measuring method of deep space exploration, VLBI is not only widely used in geodesy and astronomy, but also used in spacecraft navigation currently. China is establishing deep space network (CDSN), which combines the existing China VLBI Network and will form a more precise, complete observation network. The current development status of CDSN is introduced in this paper, then the instruments of observation system is discussed, which include the digital base band converter (DBBC) and the correlator. The DBBC is compatible with MARK5B and RDEF. The correlator adopts parallel computing processing, which can be achieved on the DOD/DOR ΔDOD/ΔDOR observation modes of data processing. In recent years, CDSN participated in the international and domestic observation missions, including Venus Express and ChangE-3 mission in 2013, which data processing results are shown here.