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Dong Zhang
Type of contribution: poster

dDOR Data Processing and Analysis in CE-3 Mission

Dong Zhang, Gongyou Wu, Jia Wang, Ke Xu

Delta differential one way range(ΔDOR)is a more higher precision measurement technology based on Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI), which is widely used in deep space navigation. The ΔDOR principle and method of data processing are presented, and the result of the interferometry measurement data processing of CE-3 is shown in this paper. The residual delay and residual delay rate are obtained by correlation algorithm and bandwidth synthesis, and the accuracy with different integral time are compared and analysed. When the residual delay rate is very small, the result with long integral time is better than the short integral time. The processing results of measured data show that the delay accuracy of ΔDOR is less than 1ns, which is better than the broadband telemetry signal.