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Weimin Zheng
Type of contribution: poster

CVN High Accuracy VLBI Phase-referencing Positioning experiment for Deep Space Probe

Zheng Weimin, Tong Fengxian , Liu Lei, Shu Fengchun

Recent VLBI Phase-referencing positioning experiments show that CVN has the ability of absolute and relative positioning of deep space probe. The VLBI phase-referencing method can be divided into two categories, Phase-Referencing Imaging (PR-I) and Phase-Referencing Direct solver positioning (PR-D). They are both used for Chinese lunar explorer Chang e-3 (CE-3) Lander and Rover relative positioning experiment. In astronomical observations, the PR-I method is often used, and the method of calculation of the uvw is used for extragalactic radio sources only. For a target that is near the Earth, the traditional prediction of uvw was not suitable. This paper develops a new method for near-field target uvw prediction. Based on the Chinese VLBI network (CVN), we used the phase-referencing method and together with the near-field uvw calculation method to solve the relative position between CE-3 Lander and Rover. Compared with the visual localization results, the accuracy of the relative position obtained by the phase-referencing method was about 1 meter. The phase-referencing absolute positioning experiments results of MEX (Mars Express) spacecraft and Chang e 5-T1 (precursor of Chinese Chang e 5 lunar probe) are also presented.