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Astrochemical Surveys At Iram

IRAM Chemical Survey of Sun-Like Star-Forming Regions

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With the advent of the new generation of high-sensitivity, broad-band receivers at the IRAM 30m, we are now in position to address the question of our ''chemical origins'', namely to understand the chemical evolution of the matter during the long process that bro ught it from prestellar cores (PSCs) and protostars to protoplanetary disks, and ultimately to the bodies of the Solar System. We propose to carry out an unbiased spectral exploration of a carefully selected sample of template sources, which cover the full format ion process of solar-type stars. This will provide a full census of the chemical species present in the gas neutrals (including complex organic species), anions, and cations, down to abundances as low as ∼ 10-12 with respect to H2. A co mplete modeling will allow to determine the physical and dynamical conditions of the targets. The resulting data set will remain as a reference database for astrochemists (astronomers, chemists, and theoreticians).