Science and Technology of
Long Baseline Real-Time Interferometry:
The 8th International e-VLBI Workshop

22-26 June 2009 - Madrid, Spain

The Centro Nacional de Informacion Geografica - Instituto Geografico Nacional (CNIG-IGN) of Spain, in cooperation with the EXPReS project, is pleased to host the 8th International e-VLBI Workshop, 22-26 June 2009, at the premises of the National Astronomical Observatory in Madrid, Spain.


In recent years real-time, long-baseline, radio interferometry over optical networks has developed from a technical possibility to a mature technique. Scientifically, real-time operation is more important for long baselines, with their high spatial resolution, than for short baselines. However, until recently the required technology has not been readily available. Technical advances and the explosive increase of connection capacity have now radically changed the situation. Emerging radio interferometers (e-MERLIN, E-LOFAR, e-EVN and other e-VLBI arrays) will exploit mixed private/shared networks to achieve wide-bandwidth real-time operation. Mirroring developments in other wavebands of astronomy, these new real-time radio instruments are being optimised to study transient phenomena. Moving data transport to fibre also gives the prospect of rapidly expanding observing bandwidth and sensitivity as network capacity continues to increase. Technically and operationally today's e-VLBI instruments serve as precursors to the real-time Square Kilometer Array. Given recent developments the time seems ripe to bring all those working on the science and technology of real-time, long-baseline radio interferometry together to discuss the state-of-the-art and future prospects.


The week long conference will cover both scientific applications (first half) and technical implementation (second half) with joint sessions in the middle. Participants are welcome to attend a part or the whole of the conference. The conference proceedings will be published electronically. Specific areas to be covered include:

You may download the workshop poster here (A4,A3).

You may download the Book of Abstracts.