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The deadline for submitting abstracts is May 1st, 2009. However we suggest that a preliminary version is sent as soon as possible, to help preparing the contributed part of the scientific program.

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Abstract Submission
Email The email address of the presenting (first) author of the presentation.
Title The title of the presentation. Please strive to make the title concise and descriptive.
Authors List of all authors. Please list one author per line. The presenting author must be listed first. For each author include first and last name and institution in the format: Albert Einstein, Princeton University
Special characters can be written in TeX.
Abstract The abstract in ASCII characters. Special formatting for mathematical items may be done in LaTeX.
Requested Presentation Type The type of presentation you wish to give. The assignment of oral presentations is decided by the SOC. Only those formally invited by the SOC as speakers should use the invited speaker option.