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Inauguration of RAEGE VGOS station in Santa Maria

May 20, 2015

Please note the schedule, as follows:

  • All participants (and registered guests) will meet at 5:30 am (yes it is early!!) since the LOC has arranged 2 buses that will leave from Hotel Azores Atlántico towards the airport.
  • The charter flight to Santa Maria island leaves at 6:30 am. Please beware that you must go to Hotel Azores Atlántico in due time, if you are not lodged there.
  • After a short (20 min) flight, 2 busses will bring all participants to the Santa Maria Hotel to have breakfast, and then to the RAEGE station site.
  • The inauguration ceremony is scheduled to happen at 10:30h, at the radio telescope site.
  • At 1pm, after the inauguration the buses will lead all participants back to the hotel for lunch.
  • After some sightseeing of the island, participants will fly back to Ponta Delgada (flight is scheduled at 6:40pm).