TOG meeting at Centro Astronómico de Yebes

The next EVN TOG meeting is to be held at Centro Astronómico de Yebes (Observatorio Astronómico Nacional) on Monday 12th November 2007. The Centro Astronómico de Yebes is situated 20km south of the city of Guadalajara, and it is one of the four facilities the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional has in Spain. This page gives details of accomodation and transport. Please follow the links below to register yourself at the meeting.


Accomodation will be provided at the Hotel Alcarria(***) and at Hotel España (**) in Guadalajara. We have reserved a block of 20 rooms in the first one and 15 in the second one. The cost per single room in Hotel Alcarria Green is 60 Euro (plus 7 % VAT) per night, breakfast included. The cost per single room in Hotel España is 35 Euro (plus 7 % VAT) per night, breakfast included. To reserve your room, please contact directly hotel Alcarria at the email address before November 2nd 2007, and send us a CC of your message just in case there are communication problems with the hotel. Please, when reserving indicate in your e-mail that you are attending the TOG Meeting, and DO NOT use the web form. If you want to stay in Hotel España please send us an email with the check in and check out dates before October 20th 2007 and we will contact the hotel. Please also fill in the TOG registration form with the name of the hotel you have chosen. After the registration deadline, you are not guaranteed a room at the hotels. Both hotels are within walking distance of the downtown. Google Earth and Google Maps point correctly the location of the hotels on the map of the town.


The nearest airport to Guadalajara is Barajas, the Airport of Madrid, and it is located at about 40 kms west of Guadalajara. The fastest way to reach Guadalajara is by taxi. There is public transport but it will take you 2 hours to get to Guadalajara, because first you have to go to Madrid and then take a train or a coach.

Getting from Barajas to Madrid. You can reach Madrid from Barajas by underground or by bus. Barajas has several terminals and you should take into account you need some time to go to the one where bus or the underground departs. Details can be found in Barajas web page. If you plan to take a suburban bus to Guadalajara get down at Avenida de América Transportation's hub.

Coming by train to Guadalajara. Guadalajara railway is in Madrid's line C2. See this map. Your best option is to get into the train at Madrid's railway station called Nuevos Ministerios, although there are other possibilities. Buy your ticket on the station and insert it in the posts just before the automatic ladders. If the ticket is not validated you may have to pay a penalty. Remember you should take line C2, direction Guadalajara. You can find the timetables and prices here. The trip takes approximately 1 hour 5 minutes.

Coming by coach/suburban bus to Guadalajara. Coaches depart from transportation hub "Avenida de América" in Madrid. You can get off the airport bus there and take line 221 to Guadalajara. Timetables and information can be found here. The trip takes 60 minutes approximately.

Using the bus in Guadalajara. If you arrived by train you can take bus from line 3.1 (circular) to get to Hotel Alcarria or buses from lines 3.1 or 9 for Hotel Alcarria. If you arrived by bus, you can walk to Hotel España since it is 300 from the bus station. To go to Hotel Alcarria you should take a bus from line 3.1 or 3.2. Here is a map of the bus lines.

Limited travel support for this meeting can be given via RadioNet on special request to Walter Alef.

Local arrangements

A bus will pick you up from Hotel España at 8:00 and from Hotel Alcarria Green at 08:15 on Monday 12th November. The drive to Yebes takes about 25 minutes. Lunch will be provided at Yebes at 13:30. Coffee will be available at 10:45 and 15:45 during the meeting. The bus will leave around 19:15 to Horche , a close villagei, where a RadioNet -sponsored dinner will be held after the meeting.

The bus will depart from the restaurant at ~ 21:45 to Guadalajara and after to Madrid.


Registration is closed. You can verify your registration was sucessful by looking at the list of participants. If you have any queries or problems concerning the meeting, please email Pablo de Vicente or Francisco Colomer and we will try to help you.


You may find the TOG agenda here.

Current list of participants

You may find the list of participants here.

Station reports

Station reports can be downloaded here.