EVN Symposium 2004

The 7th European VLBI Network Symposium
on New Developments in VLBI Science and Technology

EVN Users Meeting

Toledo, Spain.
October 12-15, 2004

The Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN) of Spain, on behalf of the European VLBI Consortium, hosted the 7th European VLBI Network Symposium on New Developments in VLBI Science and Technology and EVN Users Meeting on October 12-15 2004 in Toledo, Spain.

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Click here to see some photos taken during the symposium (including the group photograph taken at Yebes).

Scientific program:

The scientific program is organized in sessions devoted to:
  • Galaxies: AGN and their environment, variability, gravitational lenses, megamasers.
  • Stars: circumstellar AGB envelopes, star-forming regions, masers, supernovae, microquasars.
  • Instrumentation: VLBI software and hardware, telescopes, new data transport infrastructures (e-VLBI).
  • Techniques: Geodetic VLBI, astrometry and phase-referencing, wide-field mapping, mm-VLBI.

Please click here to download the final version of the scientific program.


The symposium proceedings have been edited by Rafael Bachiller, Francisco Colomer, Jean-Francois Desmurs, and Pablo de-Vicente (OAN), and were distributed during the conference.

The ONLINE VERSION of the proceedings book is available here!

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Willem Baan (Co-chairman) (WSRT/ASTRON, NL), Jesús Gómez-González (Co-chairman) (IGN, ES), Francisco Colomer (Secretary) (IGN, ES), Antxon Alberdi (IAA, ES), Rafael Bachiller (IGN, ES), Roy Booth (OSO, SE), Robert Brown (NAIC, USA), Patrick Charlot (Obs. Bordeaux, FR), Phillip Diamond (MERLIN/JBO, UK), Mike Garrett (JIVE, NL), Justin Jonas (HRAO, ZA), Andrzej Kus (TCfA, PL), Franco Mantovani (IRA, IT), Wolfgang Schlueter (IfAG, DE), Richard Strom (ASTRON, NL), Merja Tornikoski (MRO/HUT, FI), Liao Xinhao (SHAO, CN), Anton Zensus (MPIfR, DE), Jin Zhang (UAO, CN)

Local Organizing Committee:

Francisco Colomer (Chairman), Victoria Alobera, Rubén Bolaño, Jean-Francois Desmurs, Isaac López Fernández, Florencio Martín, María Rioja, Rebeca Soria Ruiz, Pablo de Vicente (OAN)

Contact address: evn2004@oan.es.

Web address of the Symposium: http://www.oan.es/evn2004/

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