EVN Symposium 2004

Proceedings of 7th European VLBI Network Symposium
on VLBI Scientific Research & Technology

Toledo Spain. October 12-15, 2004

Edited by

Rafael Bachiller
Francisco Colomer
Jean-François Desmurs
Pablo de Vicente

Observatorio Astronómico Nacional


Book Index


The global properties of all variety of AGN
Marcha, M.J.M.
Millimetre-VLBI Monitoring of AGN with Sub-milliarcsecond Resolution
Pagels A., Krichbaum T.P., Graham D.A., Alef W., Kadler M., Kraus A., Klare, A., Witzel, J.A.,  Zensus, A. Greve, M. Grewing, R. Booth & J. Conway
[PDF|PS] 7
An Approach Detecting the Event Horizon of SgrA*
Miyoshi M.
[PDF|PS] 11
Towards the Event Horizon - The Vicinity of AGN at Micro-Arcsecond Resolution
Krichbaum T.P., Graham D.A., Alef W., Kraus A., Sohn B.W., Bach U., Polatidis A., Witzel A., Zensus J.A., Bremer M., Greve A., Grewing M., Doeleman S., Phillips R.B., Rogers A.E.E., Fagg H., Strittmatter P., Ziurys L., Conway J., Booth R.S. & Urpo S.
[PDF|PS] 15
Interstellar scintillation as a probe of microarcsecond scale structure in quasars
Bignall H.E., Jauncey D.L., Lovell J.E.J., Kedziora-Chudczer L., Macquart J-P., Tzioumis A.K., Rickett B.J., Ojha R., Carter S.,Cimó G., Ellingsen S. & McCulloch P.M.
Combined VLBI- and X-ray Observations of Active Galactic Nuclei
Kadler M., Ros E., Kerp J., Kovalev Y.,Y. & Zensus J.,A.
[PDF|PS] 23
Extending and Exploring the 2 cm Survey Sample
Ros E.
[PDF|PS] 27
Compact Structure in FIRST Survey Sources
Porcas R.W., Alef W., Ghosh T., Salter C.J. & Garrington S. T.
[PDF|PS] 31
Discovering the microJy Radio VLBI Sky via "Full-beam" Self-calibration
Garrett M.A, Wrobel J.M. & Morganti R.
[PDF|PS] 35
Optical and Radio emission from BL Lac objects: long-term trends and structural changes
Massaro E. & Mantovani F.
[PDF|PS] 39
Intermediate Scale Structures in BL Lac objects
Reynolds C., Cawthorne T.V. & Gabuzda D.C.  
[PDF|PS] 45
EVN Observations of the BL Lac object ON 231
Mantovani F., Massaro E.,  Fanti R., Nesci R., Tosti G. & Venturi T.
[PDF|PS] 49
Radio Luminosity Function, Importance of Jet Power, and Radio Properties of Nearby Low-Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
Nagar N.M., Falcke H. & Wilson A.S.
[PDF|PS] 51
VSOP Imaging of the Southern Blazar J1924-29 at 18 cm
Shang L.-L. & Shen Z.-Q.
[PDF|PS] 55
VSOP and VLBI observations of the CSS quasar 3C309.1
Gawronski M.P. & Kus A.J.
[PDF|PS] 57


Polarization in CSS/GPS radio sources
Dallacasa D.
[PDF|PS] 59
A follow-up RM observation for helical magnetic field in 3C273
Asada K. & Inoue M.
[PDF|PS] 65
A Phase-reference Study of the CSS Radio Source 3C138 at 15GHz
Shang L.-L., Shen Z.-Q., Chen X. & Cai H.-B.
[PDF|PS] 69
Looking for prematurely `dying', young, compact radio sources
Kunert-Bajraszewska M., Marecki A. & Spencer R.E.
[PDF|PS] 73
EVN, MERLIN, and VLA Observations of NRAO530
Hong X.Y., Zhao J.H., An T., Jiang D.R., Wang H., Feng W.X. & Sun C.H.
The two sided parsec scale structure of the Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nucleus in NGC 4278
Giovannini G., Giroletti M. & Taylor G.B.
[PDF|PS] 81
86 GHz polarimetry of OVV1633+382 after a major mm flare
Sohn B.W., Krichbaum T.P., Agudo I., Witzel A., Zensus J.A., Ungerechts H. & Teräsranta H.
[PDF|PS] 85
Magnetic Field and Faraday Rotation Measure Structure in the Jet of 3C120
Nagai H., Inoue M., Asada K. & Uchida Y.
[PDF|PS] 89
VLBI polarimetric observations of 3C147
Rossetti A., Mantovani F. & Dallacasa D.
[PDF|PS] 91


Real vs. Simulated Relativistic Jets
Gómez J.L., Martí J.M., Agudo I., Marscher A.P., Jorstad S.G. & Aloy M.A.
[PDF|PS] 93
Current Results from the RRFID Kinematic Survey: Apparent Speeds from the First Five Years of Data
Piner B.G., Fey A. L. & Mahmud M.
[PDF|PS] 99
Tracking the curved jet in PKS 1502+106
An T., Hong X.Y., Venturi T., Jiang D.R.& Wang W.H.
[PDF|PS] 103
An extremely curved relativistic jet in PKS 2136+141
Savolainen T., Wiik K., Valtaoja E.& Tornikoski M.
[PDF|PS] 107
The asymmetric compact jet of GRS 1915+105
Ribó M., Dhawan V. & Mirabel I.F.
[PDF|PS] 111
Kinematics and dynamics of relativistic jets on large and small scales
Laing R.
[PDF|PS] 113
Signatures of restarted activity in core-dominated triples
Marecki A.
[PDF|PS] 117
A detailed study of the nuclear region of Mrk273
Bondi M., Dallacasa D., Pérez Torres M.A., Muxlow T.W.B.
[PDF|PS] 121
The highest redshift radio quasar as seen with the EVN and the VLA
Frey S., Paragi Z., Mosoni L. & Gurvits L.I.
[PDF|PS] 125
Spitzer 24 μm imaging of Faint Radio Sources in the FLSv: a new radio-loud, Mid-IR/optically obscured population?
Orienti M., Garrett M.A., Reynolds C. & Morganti R.
[PDF|PS] 129
Extragalactic Scattering in Galaxy/Quasar Pairs
Blasco C., Bignall H., Reynolds C. & van Langevelde H.J.
[PDF|PS] 131


Probing the nature of the ISM in Active Galactic Nuclei through HI absorption
Morganti R.
[PDF|PS] 133
Powerful Extragalactic Hydroxyl Emitters
Klöckner H.R. & Baan W.A.
[PDF|PS] 141
Neutral hydrogen absorption at milliarcsecond resolutions: The radio galaxy 3C293
Beswick R.J., Peck A.B., Taylor G.B., Giovannini G. & Pedlar A.
[PDF|PS] 147
OH in Messier 82
Argo M.K., Pedlar A., Muxlow T.W.B., Beswick R.J., Aalto S., Wills K. & Booth R.S.
[PDF|PS] 151
The H2O Maser from the AGN of NGC 1052
Haba A., Kameno S., Sawada-Satoh S. & Sato N.
[PDF|PS] 153

Multi Frequencies

Spectral Properties of the Core and the VLBI-Jets of Cygnus A
Bach U., Krichbaum T.P., Middelberg E., Kadler M., Alef W., Witzel A. & Zensus J.A.
[PDF|PS] 155
Multi-Frequency VLBI Observations of GHz-Peaked Spectrum Sources
Kameno S., Inoue M., Shen Z.-Q., Sawada-Satoh S. & Wajima K.
[PDF|PS] 157
The simultaneous VLA observations of Sgr A* from 90 to 0.7 cm
An T., Zhao J.-H., Hong X.-Y., Shen Z.-Q., Goss W.M., Roy S. & Rao A.P.
[PDF|PS] 159
LFVN observations of active galactic nuclei
Pushkarev A., Molotov I., Nechaeva M., Gorshenkov Yu., Tuccari G., Stanghellini C., Hong X., Liu X., Quick J. & Dougherty S.
[PDF|PS] 161


EVN observations of the lens system B0128+437
Biggs A. D.
[PDF|PS] 163
A VLBI Study of the Gravitational Lens JVAS B0218+357
Mittal R., Porcas R., Wucknitz O. & Biggs A.
[PDF|PS] 167


Circumstellar masers
J. Alcolea
[PDF|PS] 169
Stellar Masers: Observations and Simulations
E.M.L. Humphreys & Gray M.D.
A large-scale OH maser filament in W3(OH)
Harvey-Smith L. & Cohen R.J.
[PDF|PS] 183
Methanol masers in environments of three massive protostars
Bartkiewicz A., Szymczak M. & van Langevelde H.J.
[PDF|PS] 187
VLBI observations of H2O masers towards high-mass Young Stellar Objects
Goddi C. & Moscadelli L
[PDF|PS] 191
H2O maser observations of W3OH using VERA
Kameya O., Kurayama T., Suda H. & VERA member
[PDF|PS] 195
MERLIN 6-GHz maser emission from W3(OH)
Etoka S., Cohen R.J. & Gray M.D.
[PDF|PS] 199
Observations of H2O maser sources in Orion-Monoceros Molecular Clouds with VERA
Hirota T. & VERA project team
[PDF|PS] 201
Astrometry of W49N - OH43.8-0.1 H2O maser pair with VERA
Honma M., Bushimata T., Choi Y.K., Fujii T., Hirota T., Horiai K., Imai H., Inomata N., Ishitsuka J., Iwadate K., Jike T., Kameya O., Kamohara R., Kan-ya Y., Kawaguchi N., Kobayashi H., Kuji S., Kurayama T., Manabe S., Miyaji T., Nakagawa A., Nakashima K., Omodaka T., Oyama T., Sakai S., Sato K., Sasao T., Shibata K.M., Shimizu R., Sora K., Suda H., Tamura Y. & Yamashita K.
[PDF|PS] 203
First VLBI mapping of a rare SiO isotopic substitution
Soria-Ruiz R., Colomer F., Alcolea J., Bujarrabal V., Desmurs J.-F. & Marvel K.B.
[PDF|PS] 205
Hidden bipolarity in red supergiant winds
Richards A.M.S., Masheder M.R.W., van Langevelde H.J., Cohen R.J., Gray M.D., Yates J.A., Diamond P.J., Vlemmings W.H.T., Szymczak M. & Murakawa K.
[PDF|PS] 209
mm-VLBA Observations of SiO masers: probing the close stellar environment of the PPN OH231.8+4.2
Desmurs, J.-F., Sánchez Contreras, C., Bujarrabal, V., Alcolea, J. & Colomer, F.
[PDF|PS] 213
Radio-loud and radio-quiet X-ray binaries: LSI+61º303 Galaxies
Massi M.
[PDF|PS] 215
Probing the polarization characteristics of SS433 on mas scales
Paragi Z., Vermeulen R.C., Homan D.C., Wardle J.F.C., Fejes I., Schilizzi R.T., Spencer R.E. & Stirli A.M.
[PDF|PS] 221
VLBI observations of young Type II supernovae
Pérez-Torres M. A., Alberdi A. & Marcaide J.M.
[PDF|PS] 225
Continuum EVN and MERLIN observations of Ultra Luminous Infrared
Polatidis A.G. & Conway J.E.
[PDF|PS] 231
Microquasar Observations with MERLIN
Brown I.K.
[PDF|PS] 235


A Review of VLBI Instrumentation
Alef W.
[PDF|PS] 237
Recent Results from the EVN MkIV Data Processor at JIVE
Campbell R.
[PDF|PS] 245
High output data rates with PCInt on the EVN MkIV data processor
van Langevelde H.J., Verkouter H., Parsley S., Garrett M., Olnon F. & Kramer B.
[PDF|PS] 249
The Mark 5B VLBI Data System
Whitney A.
[PDF|PS] 251
The Australian experience with the PC-EVN recorder
Dodson R., Tingay S., West C., Phillips C., Tzioumis A.K., Ritakari J. & Briggs F.
[PDF|PS] 253
From truck to optical fibre: the coming-of-age of eVLBI
Szomoru A., Biggs A., Garrett M., van Langevelde H.J, Olnon F., Paragi Z., Parsley S., Pogrebenko S. & Reynolds C.
[PDF|PS] 257
Packet Loss in High Data Rate Internet Data Transfer for eVLBI
Spencer R., Hughes-Jones R., Mathews A. & O'Toole S.
[PDF|PS] 261
The Water Vapour Radiometer at Effelsberg
Roy A.L., Teuber U. & Keller R.
[PDF|PS] 265
Cryogenic Filters for RFI Mitigation in Radioastronomy
Tuccari G., Caddemi A., Barbarino S., Nicotra G., Consoli F., Schilliró F. & Catalfamo F.
[PDF|PS] 271
What is the primary beam response of an interferometer with unequal elements?
Strom R.
[PDF|PS] 273
VERA system
Kobayashi H., Kawaguchi N, Manabe S.,Omodaka T., Kameya O., Shibata K.M., Miyaji T., Honma M., Tamura Y., Hirota T., Imai H., Kuji S., Horiai K., Sakai S., Sato K., Iwadate K., Kanya Y., Jike T., Fujii T. & Kasuga T.
[PDF|PS] 275
East Asian VLBI Activities
Inoue M.
[PDF|PS] 279
Construction of the Korean VLBI Network (KVN)
Kim H.-G., Han S.-T., Sohn B.W., Oh S.-J., Je D.-H., Wi S.-O. Wi & Song M.-G.
[PDF|PS] 281
On the Near-term Space VLBI Mission VSOP-2
Hirabayashi H., Murata Y., Edwards P.G., Asaki Y, Mochizuki N., Inoue M., Umemoto T., Kameno S. & Kono Y.
[PDF|PS] 285
Spacecraft Design of VSOP-2
Murata Y., Hirabayashi H. & Next Generation Space VLBI Working Group
[PDF|PS] 289
VSI-E Software Suite
Lapsley D. & Whitney A.
[PDF|PS] 291
How to improve the High Frequency capabilities of SRT
Pisanu T., Morsiani M., Pernechele C., Buffa F. & Vargiu G.
[PDF|PS] 293
A 32 m Parabolic Antenna in Peru at 3,370 m of Altitude
Ishitsuka J., Ishitsuka M., Kaifu N., Miyama S., Inoue M., Tsuboi M., Ohishi M., Fujisawa K., Kasuga T., Miyazawa K. & Horiuchi S.
[PDF|PS] 295


Analysis strategies and software for geodetic VLBI
Haas R.
[PDF|PS] 297
Applications of precision astrometry to studies of massive YSOs
Rioja M., Moscadelli L. & Cesaroni R.
[PDF|PS] 303
IVS Products for Precise Global Reference Frames
Schlúter W. & Vandenberg N.
[PDF|PS] 309
Densification of the International Celestial Reference Frame: Results of EVN Observations
Charlot P., Fey A.L., Jacobs C.S., Ma C., Sovers O.J. & Baudry A.
[PDF|PS] 313
Distance of W3(OH) by VLBI annual parallax measurement
Hachisuka K.,Brunthaler A., Hagiwara Y., Menten K. M., Imai H., Miyoshi M. & Sasao T.
[PDF|PS] 317
VLBI detections of a source weaker than 100 mJy at 86GHz
Middelberg E., Roy A.L., Walker R.C. & Falcke H.
[PDF|PS] 321
Multi-frequency imaging in VLBI
Likhachev S.
[PDF|PS] 325
Multi-wavelength differential astrometry of the S5 polar cap sample
Guirado C., Marcaide J.M., Ros E., Pérez-Torres M.A. & Martí-Vidal I.
[PDF|PS] 327
First results of European VLBI radar observations of space objects
Molotov I., Tuccari G., Nechaeva M., Dugin N., Konovalenko A., Falkovich I., Gorshenkov Y., Liu X., Volvach A., Agapov V., Pushkarev A., Titenko V., Buttacio S., Rumyantsev V. & Shmeld I.
[PDF|PS] 329
E-LFVN - An Internet Based VLBI Network
Tuccari G., Molotov I., Nechaeva M., Volvach A., Xiang L., Hong X., Buttaccio S., Gorshenkov Y. & Nicotra G.
[PDF|PS] 331
VLBI-experiments on research of solar wind plasma
Nechaeva M.B., Gavrilenko V.G., Gorshenkov N.Y., Lipatov B.N., Liu Xiang, Molotov I.E., Pushkarev A.,B., Shanks R. & Tuccari G.
[PDF|PS] 333
Precise VLBI tracking of planetary probes revisited
Gurvits L.I. & the Huygens VLBI tracking team
[PDF|PS] 337

Authors Index
[PDF|PS] 339

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